Juan Dedeu is the President of the China Consultant Group and is or has been a member of the Boards of Directors of nine companies with mixed investment in the People’s Republic of China, Delegate of the Barcelona Port Authority in China, founder member of the Spanish Business Association in Hong Kong (1990), founder member of the European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (1994), President of the Spanish Business Association in Hong Kong (1992–1995) and President of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (2000-2002). His long experience in China has been recognised by the governments of Spain, Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China. Juan Dedeu

Juan Dedeu, President of CHINA CONSULTANTS
Over recent years, the business world has been undergoing constant changes, in spite of which, according to the theories of the experts, the maxim that a company must give profits for its constant renewal is still true. In order to attain greater profitability through constant renewal, we must not lose sight of two basic premises: cost reduction and market expansion.
Following these guidelines, China appears as a very attractive market for companies. However, setting up a company or trading or industrial relations in this country involves a series of difficulties, due to factors such as its large geographical size, the competition that has been established between companies that are already consolidated, negotiation protocols and public relations, which are very different from those in the West. And this is where an entrepreneur needs advice and guidance from CHINA CONSULTANTS, which, thanks to the experience acquired and its knowledge of the Chinese market, can provide companies with easy and profitable access in order to attain their purposes in the least risky manner.
The philosophy of CHINA CONSULTANTS is based on orientation towards the client as an indispensable factor for optimal collaboration. Our clients are the people who know their products best and we, after 20 years living and working in China, know the market to perfection. Establishing close collaboration in order to combine the two types of knowledge is the key to success of a project for entering China.
Our own structure, with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing in China and in Barcelona, Girona, Murcia and Valencia in Spain, allows us to create smooth communication with our clients and constant monitoring of the project. Working in this way, close to our clients, we attain the objective mentioned at the beginning: to make your companies profitable.
In short, the professionals at CHINA CONSULTANTS take the steps that your project needs in order to triumph in China.