CHINA CONSULTANTS is a Spanish company engaged in project management, which supports and advises companies and organisations in their internationalisation processes and, furthermore, carries on trading operations and investments specialising in the People’s Republic of China.
Founded in 1988 when the development of the Chinese market was fully underway, CHINA CONSULTANTS has its Chinese headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Beijing and Shanghai. The management of the Chinese work centres is in the hands of Spanish professionals who have been living in the country for years. The Spanish headquarters is in Barcelona. At present, CHINA CONSULTANTS, human team is formed by 38 professionals, who are experts in the Company’s different business areas.
Throughout its history, CHINA CONSULTANTS has become involved in the different facets of international business: investment, delocalisation of industrial production, cooperation and establishing trading relations. One of our main objectives is to provide constantly increasing value-added to internationalisation operations and respond to the needs of a globalised economy.
CHINA CONSULTANTS is an extension of its clients in the Chinese market.